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  • Developer: Ivan Kuckir
  • Genre: Raster graphics editor
  • Version: 5.1
User Rating: Rating 4.79

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Release Date
Sep 14, 2013
Ivan Kuckir
Ivan Kuckir
Raster graphics editor
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Wilson Butt

Photopea application is a free, open-source program designed to allow users to edit and create images. Software product is a multi-faceted program that can be used for a variety of purposes. Software product can be used to edit existing images, but it can also be used to edit and create images from scratch. Photopea is an application that allows users to edit photos. It is considered to be one of best photo editing applications in market. It is helpful for users who want to edit their photos, but do not have any previous experience with photo editing. There are many features that Photopea download free offers.

Photopea is a free application for photo editing. It is a free application, but it offers a premium option which provides more features and a slicker interface. The free option is perfect for a beginner, with a great selection of tools and a clean layout.


Interface of download Photopea free is simple and easy to use. User navigates through program by clicking on tabs that are found on the left-hand side of screen. There are tabs for editing, designing, exporting. The tabs for editing and designing are broken up into smaller categories. User interface of Photopea free download is like any other photo editing software. It has simple buttons to make edits to photos. Interface is easy to use and navigate for beginners. Interface is well designed and intuitive to use, as well as the tools are neatly organized. Software product has a lot of features you can use for editing your photos and it is quite easy to use.

Interface is very clean and simple, with a tab at bottom for all of the tools. There is a large toolbar with three sections, which is very beneficial for quick access. The tabs are 'Edit', 'Draw' and 'Effect'. The 'Edit' tab is where you can crop, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. The 'Draw' tab is where you can add shapes, lines, text. 'Effect' tab is where you can add lens flares, vignettes, borders.


The usability of Photopea online free is also very simple & easy to use. The user is able to manipulate images by dragging and dropping the image to desired location. Editing and creating images is as simple as clicking and dragging objects to desired size. Software product is an easy to use application for beginners. It has all basic tools needed for editing that are easy to find. The layout of application is simple & easy to follow. Software product is easy to use, which is great for beginners. Interface is clear and it lets you do what you need to do quickly. You can also customize output format to your needs.


Software product offers a variety of features Photopea app download that allow the user to edit and create images. User can edit and create images from scratch and edit any existing image. User can also cut and paste objects, work with layers, resize objects. Software product Photopea install has many tool that are available to the user. It has many tools for editing photos, such as restoring colors, reshaping, removing unwanted objects, adding text, adding stickers.

Software product get Photopea has a lot of functionality to offer, which is not usually found in other applications. You can change font, orientation, page size, background color, margins, copyright notice, header and footer, encryption, compression, frame, size, margins, date, author, title, subject, subtitle, comment, watermark, preface, table of contents, TOC style, footnotes, cover page.


Photopea has a good support team that is available to provide users with assistance. The team can be reached via email and the online chat. Software product provides support through email and the application. They have a support page that has all the information on how to reach them. They have a customer support phone line. Support is very helpful and easy to use. There is a section on website Photopea computer which is devoted to tutorials and support, there is a section on the app where you can email developers.


  • What is difference between Photo Editing and Photo Filters?
    Photo Editing is a general term for anything that changes the appearance of a photo, while Photo Filters are a specific type of Photo Editing which apply a preset or custom filter to make the photo look like it has been taken with a different camera.
  • Is Photopea free?
    Software product is a free trial for 30 days. There is a Pro version which costs $49.99 for one year.
  • Is there a way to send a screenshot to the developers from the app?
    Yes, you can do so from "Send Feedback" menu.


Photopea apk download is a simple photo editing application that is easy to use for beginners. It has many different tools for editing the photos, but the interface is not overwhelming. It has good support for all types of users. Software product is a great application for both beginners and more experienced photo editors. It is very intuitive, offers a lot of different tools.


  • Priced competitively;
  • Works with both RAW and JPEG.


  • Not as many features as Paint.NET.

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